Keurig Rivo at Donatella

I recently threw an event to promote the new Keurig Rivo: an at-home cappuccino and latte maker approved by even the pickiest of Italian restauranteurs: my family. Keurig partnered with Lavazza and spent over two years perfecting the machine. I have to say: it was worth the wait.

Keurig Rivo Event at Donatella NYC Donatella Arpaia

Keurig’s new Cappuccino & Latte System allows for the perfect latte or cappuccino in just minutes. Not to mention– the easy cleanup! It’s the perfect holiday or wedding gift.

The dinner at the event was served family-style at my restaurant in Chelsea, and followed by dessert and coffee tasting. It was a great way to mingle with all of my guests and took the formality out of the event. There’s no better ice-breaker than “pass the salmon, please” or “who’s eating the last slice?”

Dessert began with cannolis and vanilla cappuccino made with Delicato espresso, followed by affogato made with the intenso espresso shot and served with a chocolate hazelnut biscotti. The Keurig Rivo reminded me how much I LOVE this dessert! The sweet creamy vanilla gelato melts perfectly with the rich earthiness of the espresso.

Photo:Photo: Nalia Photos, Inc

Photo:Photo: Nalia Photos, Inc

Next was my apple crostata paired with caramel iced lattes with intenso espresso. Caramel and apples are a classic combination and perfect for fall when apples are in season.The robiolina panna cotta with honey and figs was matched with a Classico espresso shot  and the tiramisu was served with a latte made with Classico espresso.

For the grand finale, my pastry chef surprised us all with freshly baked sfogliatella. One of my absolute favorites! I  couldn’t help but pack up a couple of extras to take home to my parents.

Check out the recipes here in my Culinary Corner!


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