Spring Recipes for Easter Weekend

Ah, it looks like spring is finally here! If you’re gearing up to throw an Easter or Mother’s Day brunch, I’ve got a few recipes just for you. From a traditional Italian dessert to my personal spin on a few classics, these are sure to please even the most discerning palette.

For Breakfast or Brunch: Start the day with my Italian twist on Eggs Benedict, which uses a pecorino scone in place of an English muffin, grilled mortadella in place of Canadian bacon, and a tangy Zabaglione sauce instead of Hollandaise.

donatella arpaia italian inspired eggs benedict recipe

For Breakfast or Brunch: Another option that’s great for brunch is this savory  Parmesan Sformato served over grilled asparagus. Sformato is light and fluffy- similar to a soufflé, but with less risk of collapsing.

savory sformato with grilled asparagus recipe

For Brunch or The Main Course: Pizza rustica is a quiche-like pie and it’s what I want to eat all day every day for the rest of my life. It’s cheesy, creamy, and meaty all wrapped up in a delicious sweet crust.

how to make a pizza rustica recipe by donatella arpaia

For The Main Course: Ricotta gnocchi– known as gnudi- with a creamy mushroom fonduta. Typically, this dish is made with caciocavallo cheese, but feel free to substitute a nice provolone. Gnudi are soft pillows of cheese- much lighter and delicate than traditional potato gnocchi.Once you get the hang of this dish, it will become second nature to prepare.

Gnudi with cheese and mushroom fonduta recipe

Dessert for Adults: On Easter, my family and I always end with something sweet: Pastiera! It’s the sweet version of pizza rustica- a ricotta pie with citruses and creamy wheat-berries. Everyone from Naples knows about this Easter tradition!

italian Pastiera recipe for easter donatella arpaia

Dessert for Kids: Cupcakes are the new cupcakes, so let’s stick with a crowd-pleaser. Here is THE BEST recipe for home-made vanilla cupcakes with the most adorable decoration that you can do with the kids: little spring birds nests!

spring cupcakes recipe easter eggs

Buona Pasqua!

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