Pebble Beach Food & Wine 2014

Wow, what a weekend! After a long winter in NYC, I was really looking forward to the Pebble Beach Food & Wine Festival. While the weather didn’t cooperate exactly to my liking (I was hoping for that California sunshine!) it was a beautiful weekend full of outrageous talent, delicious food, and outstanding wine.

Donatella PBFW Blog

First and foremost- I have to extend a HUGE thank you to the PBFW team, Jenn-Air, and everyone who came out to the festival. My demo went off without a hitch, and we received extraordinary feedback from the grand-tasting. For those of you who were interested in the demo recipes, you can check out the Gnudi Recipe here and the Sparkling Watermelon Dessert here. Meatballs from the Grand Tasting are available on, and yes- those are the same award-winning veal braised meatballs just shipped frozen to your door!

donatella arpaia demo and grad tasting pbfw14

Some of the highlights for me included Michael Symon’s Lunch in the Lexus Grand Tasting tent and Jenn Louis’ perfect grilled octopus. Overall, a fabulous weekend with fabulous people! Check out more pics from the event here.

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