Top Grilling Tips for Summer

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I am extremely lucky to have a  husband that respects my place in the kitchen. He always compliments, offers me a glass of wine, and helps me clean up.  When it comes to grilling- he prefers to be alone in domain and won’t let me interfere! What is it about men and their grills?!

Now I’m not saying this about my hubby because he is an amazing griller, but I often see perfectly happy men turn into crazy-eyed cooks when they are in front of the grill- their prized possession.  Although Dad’s think they know all there is to know about grilling, sadly they sometimes get it wrong.

Here are some simple cooking techniques and tips:

1.  Spring for the best cut of meat you can and look for nice marbling (fat streaks throughout) which keeps your steak juicy!

2.  Take the meat out 30 minutes before hitting the grill. You want the meat to get to room temperature to ensure that it cooks evenly.

3.  Make sure you start with a clean grill and everything you need ahead of time.  Stay away from a ton of gadgets and just use the necessities– a good pair of restaurant style tongs, a basting brush and water spray bottle in case of flash fire.  You can also bring out a clean platter and foil to cover food when it’s done.

4.  When you first put the meat on the grill- leave it alone!  Walk away and grab a beer.  Don’t poke it, touch it or play with it. Resist the urge so your meat can develop a nice sear.

5.  When you’re finished cooking, remove and cover with foil.  Let your meat rest for 10 minutes- This is the most important and most broken rule!

6.  You can use a fancy thermometer or just your finger to check for temperature.  A rare steak feels soft and spongy, a medium steak springs back a bit when pressed, and a well-done steak feels firm.

7.  Error on the side of undercooking a steak rather than overcooking it. Remember- it continues to cook even when you take it off the grill. You can always throw it back on the grill to cook more if needed, but you can’t un-cook it!


Grilling Tips for Corn:
Grilling corn is great alternative to boiling corn. It gives toasty flavor!

1.  Buy 4 ears of corn husk intact.

2.  Prepare a medium charcoal or gas grill.

3.  Remove all but the innermost layer of corn husk and gently bend back remaining layer of the husk without detaching it.

4.  Put corn on the grill and overturn when the husk is nicely browned on one side.

5.  For about 2-3 minutes, continue to cook and turn until husk is nicely browned.

Get grilling – Enjoy!

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